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What is DICE?

DICE is a revolutionary cryptocurrency which features great simplicity and different operational model compared to the rest. The main goal is to allow DICE to enter the everyday life as a normal currency alternative to the traditional money, while at the same time complete decentralisation gives power to social groups to raise funds through cryptomining. Users can now invest in business by simply mining DICE for that business. Organisations such as schools or hospitals can benefit from crowdfund mining while at the same time keeping the cryptominers incentivised as well. Individuals can enjoy full support from their relatives and close circle friends in mining to cover a home mortgage, and so on – the applications are limitless.

DICE introduces a new type “cluster economy” which is much more social and fair, and provides greater opportunities to individuals and small business to succeed with funding through support from their contact network.

DICE (abbreviated from digital certificates) is a new cryptocurrency that solves key problems of the blockchain.


Blockchain technology presents certain key inherent problems for other cryptocurrencies. The time it takes to mine, the time it takes to process transactions, transaction cost and these factors create a major problem for the environment, with 35 TWh used to create Bitcoin alone up-to Dec 2017. That's more electricity consumption than 60% of contries in the world.


Replace the blockchain with cluster model. A cluster model is an independent network of users revolving around a single point, usually an organization (called an "operator"). This drastically increases the speed, reduces the cost and energy consumption, as it eliminates the need for a single public ledger, removing a mountain of synchronization challenges associated with blockchain. Instead, there are as many different ledgers as there are operators.


Only 0.5%** of the population owns Bitcoin, while a much larger percentage has heard of it and everyone is aware of the significant gains investors have been making to date. Existing cryptocurrencies are not accessible, party down to complexity, price fluctuations and cost to either mine or purchase.


Beautiful in its simplicity, DICE streamlines the cryptocurrency experience to accommodate myraid scenarios and is extremely flexible in its application. It needs no special online exchanges to work. Want to store your DICE on USB drive? No problem. Want to purchase and get help with setting up a mining rig? No problem, we can arrange it all for you. Want your DICE to be a tangible thing? Print it out, put it in your wallet. The possibilities are endless for offline and online transactions.


The average person or organization is not able to access equity funding. Individuals often do not have enough disposable income in order to improve their circumstances by investing in companies.


We bring you crowd mining. The principle of crowd mining is similar to crowd funding platforms (a $16* bn market), with the difference being that individuals do not invest capital, instead they download software that generates DICE locally. This process is called mining. The mined DICEs are then converted into equity by the organization at the end of crowd mining round.


If someone knows your wallet address, the transactions can easily be traced on the blockchain. The public ledger is not as anonymous as it was once envisaged to be.


DICE is not susceptible to the weakness of the blockchain. Our cluster chains are completely unconnected. Even if one or more operator collapses, the remaining network remains intact. Furthermore, DICE units cannot be faked, created out of thin air, or stolen. They can only be used in a transaction if confirmed by their owner. No personal details are exchanged. Users only know what others choose to reveal. No one knows anything about anyone else's transactions or balances, in a similar way to cash.

DICE Digital Economy

Dice has no Single Ledger

There is no single transaction public ledger, instead we introduce a new “cluster model” of unconnected peers (called “operators”) all working within a singular more efficient global ecosystem.

Dice is practically impossible to steal

Can the greatest ever hacker steal even a single physical atom? The answer is no. Hackers can only steal data, but DICE exist as objects in the real world.

Unite around a common purpose

One of the biggest problems of the today’s society is inequality. The 1% getting richer with the rest of us getting poorer.

Absolutely free transactions

Why would anyone agree to get charged for giving money to someone else ?

DICE can be mined offline

The ability for offline mining opens possibilities for some very interesting and advanced fintech products that we will see in the near future.

Further DICE features

Does not require a digital wallet or rely on an exchange Enables anyone to become a socially significant entity Not affected by blockchain hacking and clampdown

Token Distribution

Token Name DICE Token (DICET)
Token Type Ethereum ERC20
Allocation 100,000,000 DICET
ICO 55,000,000
CORE TEAM 15,000,000
DMF SEED FUND 10,000,000
PRE-ICO 5,000,000

Dice Money Post-ICO Budget Allocation



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Dr. Jonathan Galea


Subramanian Venkatesan

Smartcontract Developer

Santosh Kumar

Software Engineer

Konstantin Dimitrov


Anthony Johnson


Dilip Chandar


Mihail Maldzhanski

Software Architect

Konstantin Nikolaev

Non Executive Director

Phillip Nunn

Marketing Advisor

Prof. Simon Choi

Legal Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin

Technical Advisor

Ismail Malik

ICO Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev

ICO Advisor

Amarpreet Singh

ICO Advisor

Rumen Slavchov

ICO Advisor

Prof. Moorad

Board Advisor

Stefan Bergstrom


Sonja Prstec

Legal Advisor

Reinhard Berger


Mike Shokin

ICO Advisor

Krystelle Galano

ICO Advisor

Erickvand Tampilang

Bounty Manager

Binod N

Blockchain Consultant

Davorin Bebek

Marketing Manager

Godwin Pauldurai

Software Developer

Vidhyasagar Dhilip

Software Developer



Sriram Gurusamy

Software Engineer

Swati Subramanian

Content Writer

Sylvester Selvaraj

Digital Marketing

Francis Sachin

Web Developer

Nehemiah Isamotu

Social Media Expert

Mohammed Yusuf

Content Designer

Mathan Kumar

UI / UX Designer

Navaneeth Krish

Wordpress Developer

Rishabh Sharma

Node JS developer

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